fuboTV: Watch Live Sports App Reviews

90 add

Sweet... Just missed another goal due to dropped video. Nice job Fubo.... Are you all ever going to address that, or keep putting lipstick on a pig?

Not for Canadians

I purchased this for the Copa America as an Canadian, sadly it was not playable for Canadians due to licensing rights. I messaged them and I got a full refund. Wish it worked!

Rubbish app. Asking bank details

Its not free , doesnt say that before downloading the app. Even for sign up you need credit card details .. They say you get free 24 hours ONLY. Its s fraud

This APP is hacked

Everytime I try to log in I get a message saying account doesnt exist or password incorrect even after successfully RESET it and logging in via Safari .... I hope my credit card info wasnt stolen .

Good app to watch football

For the most part the quality of the matches are really good but there have been a few times when the quality isnt the best. Overall Im very satisfied and do recommend the app.

Good but not Great

The app is good on your phone, on other devises its difficult to maneuver through it. The games are usually in high quality but some games are unwatchable because of the high volume of viewers, adding BPL would make it awesome.

Excellent Experience!

I dont normally write reviews but noticed a few negative reviews (and I hope those issues get resolved). For my personal experience, the service has been exceptional and an excellent value! No problem accessing the different channels (but it probably helps to have a lot of bandwidth) and I recently added the next tier of channels available. I would like the capacity to keep multiple DVRs (currently you can only keep one at a time). So glad I found FuboTV... I have been able to watch so many great soccer matches from all over the world: La Liga, Ligue 1, Serie A, LigaMX, and all the Cup Finals!

Nice it could be better/bien puede ser mejor

Gaming system support could make it even greater like an XboxOne app !!!

When it works its ok

It can be frustrating; one day Beinsports works and Univision doesnt with frozen pictures or no sound. The next day the roles reverse. Its a rare day that everything works. I constantly cannot get Fubotv network because the network says my internet is dead when it isnt. Its ok for the price but if it goes up one red cent Im cancelling.


An amazing app, streams so well. The costumer service is so awesome. I just wish we could record more games. In addition also more Bundesliga Games would be awesome. But the app is hands down amazing!

Cancelled my account

Am I allowed to cancelled my fuvotv account?

app crashes

tried to use shows tab, ipad app crashes. video feed often lags. many games i tried to watch are in spanish with no option for english or subtitles many games have not been available in their programing time slot. not worth $10 a month.

Okay when it works which is less than half time

This app and service is below average. It rarely works consistently. One day one channel kinda works. Next day the same channel has no sound and the screen freezes. I never thought a $ app per month could be so frustrating. I know all of the Fubo TV tech support by their names :( Sigh

Great service

Selection of MLS matches is extremely limited and streaming of extremely popular games may be difficult, but this app I think is still worth using.

Futbol app

Great way to watch soccer in your phone if youre a soccer guy. Wish they had more leagues, but other than that definitely recommend it

Works for me

Soccer 24/7 sometimes lags but thats probably just the cell service its great overall and I love having it for the price


This apps nice,

Doesnt work

There is no way to register for an account, you must already have one made that was set up on their website before using the app


looking for just Univision deportes, sling tv was an option but 3$ more so I gave this a try and love it! best part is that I get to record 3 games at a time!

Good,but could be better

I tried both sling tv and fubo and I got to say,sling was better due to the fact that it is passing the euros and champions league,sure sling costs more but its worth it because of the amount of content it brings,dont get me wrong fubo is great but it can be even better

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